3 Habits I’m Adopting This Year

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So it’s pretty much the end of January and most people have either stuck with their New Year’s resolutions or completely abandoned them. I personally never bother with making resolutions. However, I do feel like it’s my responsibility to make some changes in my lifestyle in order to ensure that this year is different to the last, so here are three things that I plan to do more of this year:

Write Frequently

I’d always tell myself that I’d sit down and create something, be it a play, screenplay, short story, poem or well… anything, but it would never happen, so this year I’ve decided that I will try to write daily, or at least a couple of times a week. It could be in the form of something creative, a blog post, or even simply just noting my thoughts down, but either way I want to be doing something. It’s a skill that I want to improve on, and I figure that the only way I will actually get any better at it is if I just just sit down and do it. I also feel like my mind is always full of so many thoughts and ideas, and I think that writing is the perfect way to materialise them.

Read More

So this one kind of feeds in to the last. I think that in order to actually write  better you have to read as much as possible, and not just the things you’re used to but a whole variety of things. I want to pay more attention to the different writing styles and techniques that writers use so that I can get ideas on how to improve my own writing style. Writing aside, I also feel like I waste so much time getting distracted by social media and Netflix that I never make enough time to actually read, and reading is never a waste of time.


I’m sure that this one has been on many people’s resolutions lists, and by now people have either managed to stick with it or give up entirely. As for me, I plan to stick with it. Not just for the external, physical benefits but for overall health and mental clarity. I definitely feel so much more energised after doing some form of exercise as opposed to lazing around all day. I also want to increase my strength. However, I absolutely hate the idea of dragging myself to the gym so I just follow short workout videos at home, that way I have no excuses. Some of my favourite Fitness YouTubers are Blogilates and Joannah Soh. They provide a variety of equipment free workouts to target each body part, lasting as long as half an hour to as little as 5mins (a favourite option of mine) so there’s something that caters to everyone. I’ve also been getting into yoga which is great for days when you don’t feel like working up a sweat but still want to feel like you’ve done something.




Jaeger Launches AW 2016 Campaign Featuring Sam Rollinson

BRITISH fashion brand Jaeger announces its new Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign launch, featuring British supermodel Sam Rollinson and shot by fashion photographer Boo George. The campaign takes an innovative, bold and contemporary approach which draws upon the brand’s founding principal.


Jaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Bold, versatile and effortless, the collection is designed with a multi-faceted lifestyle in mind. The pieces reflect that of a contemporary urban explorer, resulting in an aesthetic that is fresh and authentic.

Jaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Fronting the campaign is British model Sam Rollinson who embodies Jaeger’s new vision with her down-to-earth, level-headed  approach, giving her the engagement factor that is fundamental to the brand’s new campaign.


Jaeger AW 2016 campaign featuring Sam Rollinson. Photograph: Boo George

Shooting Rollinson is revered New York-based fashion photographer Boo George who possesses the ability to translate high fashion campaigns in an approachable and accessible way.

by Rebecca Acres

The Met’s Costume Institute Announces Fall 2016 Exhibition

THE Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s Costume Institute presents Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion for its Fall 2016 exhibition which will feature some of the organisation’s most significant acquisitions of the last 10 years. Curated by Assistant Curator Jessica Regan, with support from Curator in Charge Andrew Bolton, the exhibition aims to present fashion as a living art that interprets and becomes history – and also inspires subsequent art.

  01.BallGown,Viktor&Rolf,Spring2010Ball Gown, Viktor & Rolf SS10. Photograph: Anna-Marie
Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The show will also explore how the department has honed its collecting strategy and acquired prestigious masterworks, including iconic works by designers who have shaped and changed fashion history.


Dress, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen SS11. Photograph: Anna-Marie
Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ensemble, Raf Simons for House of Dior, AW14-15. Photograph: Anna-Marie
Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Key highlights will include approximately 60 fashion masterworks from the early 18th century to present. Each piece will be accompanied by an explanation of its significance within fashion history.


Ensemble, John Galliano for Maison Margiela SS15. Photograph: Anna-Marie
Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Some recently acquired pieces will also be placed alongside pieces already in the collection to demonstrate the continuous influence of certain master couturiers and iconic historical silhouettes.


Ball Gown, Jean-Philippe Worth for House of Worth, 1898 Photograph: Anna-Marie Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Robe Volante, French, ca. 1730. Photograph: Anna-Marie
Kellen, courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art

 by Rebecca Acres

Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion will exhibit at the Anna Wintour Costume Center, The Met Fifth Avenue, from  November 8, 2016 until February, 5, 2017

Kitty Joseph Launches AW16 Colour Fields Rainbow Collection

FASHION designer Kitty Joseph has launched her AW 16 Colour Fields Rainbow Fashion collection. The range is inspired by prints, gradients and Josef Albers’ handbook Interaction of Color. The handbook influenced and inspired Joseph to explore the relationship of two colours in isolation. The collection uses a simple colour palette but ventures into different patterns and textures, resulting in a thrilling explosion of colour. The collection also sees Joseph’s first exploration into knitwear.


AW 16 Collection Copyright ©2016 Kitty Joseph

Kitty Joseph AW 16 Colour Fields Rainbow Fashion Collection Copyright © 2016 Kitty JosephAW 16 Collection Copyright ©2016 Kitty Joseph

Joseph’s career first began at the Royal College of Art where she graduated with an MA in Textile Design. She gained instant industry recognition in 2011 after unexpectedly selling her entire graduate collection. Joseph has since collaborated on an array of projects with brands and celebrities ranging from Absolut Vodka to Lady Gaga.

Kitty Joseph AW 16 Colour Fields Rainbow Fashion Collection Copyright © 2016 Kitty Joseph

AW 16 Collection Copyright ©2016 Kitty Joseph

Always a lover of colour, painting and illustration, the foundation of the brand is built upon colour exploration and textile innovation, which the new collection epitomises. Additionally, a wider collection of complementary pieces will be available later in the year.

Kitty Joseph AW 16 Colour Fields Rainbow Fashion Collection Copyright © 2016 Kitty Joseph

AW 16 Collection Copyright ©2016 Kitty Joseph

by Rebecca Acres

Thames Festival Trust Announces Totally Thames 2016

THE Thames Festival Trust announces the launch of Totally Thames 2016 in London this September. The programme will include 150 unmissable arts, cultural, archaeological and river events throughout the month. There will also be a new programme of live and interactive art along the Thames’ complete 42-mile stretch through the city.


Boats and people and flags at St Katherine Docks. Totally Thames takes place over the whole month in September, combining arts, cultural and river events presented by Thames Festival Trust throughout the 42-mile stretch of the River Thames in London, UK.

St Katharine’s Dock, Totally Thames. Photograph: Mike Kemp

Expect to witness thought-provoking untold histories that celebrate the city’s culture and heritage and will also introduce you to London’s hidden and secret spaces.

A key highlight and major art commission includes Floating Dreams by Ik-Joong Kang, one of South Korea’s most important artists. Floating Dreams is an art installation, situated in the centre of the Thames by Millennium Bridge, which is inspired by the memories of those displaced by the Korean war.

'Floating Dreams’ (2016) by Ik-Joong Kang, courtesy the artist - low resFloating Dreams, Totally Thames. Photograph: Ik-Joong Kang

Other unmissable events include: Fluxland, The Singing Bridge, Light up the Ladies’ Bridge, Bascule Chamber Concert, Mooring, Life Afloat, On the Docks: Stories from the River, Stand Up Paddleboard Relay, Tidefest and much more.

Londonist Afloat - credit Londonist - Totally Thames 2015 Afloat, Totally Thames. Photograph: Londonist

Totally Thames is endorsed and supported by The Mayor of London, London First, Arts Council England, Port of London Authority and all 17 London boroughs with a riverfront.

by Rebecca Acres

Totally Thames 2016 runs from September 1- 30 throughout its 42-mile stretch.

ESMOD Berlin Presents Behind the Seams Show

INTERNATIONAL University of Art for Fashion ESMOD Berlin celebrates the work of Bachelor of Arts Fashion Design Styliste / Modeliste students this summer with the presentation Behind the Seams. The show aims to capture the spirit and evolution of the designers in an open house event, which allows the press and the public to explore fashion design in a multifaceted format.

ESMOD Berlin 2016

Behind The Seams ESMOD Berlin

The programme will include a live fashion film production that captures the showcase of the second year students’ capsule collection. There will also be a three-floor exhibition where viewers can expect to obtain insights behind the design processes and concepts of the collection. Visitors are then invited to participate in screenprint and knit design workshops which can be registered for in advance.

ESMOD Berlin 2016

Behind The Seams ESMOD Berlin

by Rebecca Acres

Bulgari Donates to Terme di Caracalla’s Mosaic Floor Restoration

BULGARI’s CEO Jean-Christophe Babin and Rome’s Colosseo and archaeological superintendent, Franceso Prosperetti, have teamed up to announce the restoration of Terme di Caracalla’s polychrome mosaic floor in the western gymnasium.

Terme di Caracalla. Photograph courtesy and copyright: Bulgari

Before restoration works began, the fine mosaic floor was obscured by fabric and soil to protect it from degradation. However, thanks to Bulgari’s donation the superintedency has been able to complete restoration works to the mosaic floor and will continue to fund the completion of additional restorative work.

To Bulgari the restoration is viewed as a tribute to a monument that has been the source of inspiration for the brand’s Divas’ Dream jewellery collection, whose motif resembles the pure and perfect lines of Terme di Caracalla’s mosaics.

Jean-Christophe Babin. Photograph courtesy and copyright: Bulgari

Terme di Caracalla is regarded as an archeological jewel that reflects the grandeur of Rome’s history and fills the brand with pride. Therefore, Bulgari has renewed its support to an initiative that will return to Terme di Caracalla in the future.

by Rebecca Acres