3 Habits I’m Adopting This Year

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So it’s pretty much the end of January and most people have either stuck with their New Year’s resolutions or completely abandoned them. I personally never bother with making resolutions. However, I do feel like it’s my responsibility to make some changes in my lifestyle in order to ensure that this year is different to the last, so here are three things that I plan to do more of this year:

Write Frequently

I’d always tell myself that I’d sit down and create something, be it a play, screenplay, short story, poem or well… anything, but it would never happen, so this year I’ve decided that I will try to write daily, or at least a couple of times a week. It could be in the form of something creative, a blog post, or even simply just noting my thoughts down, but either way I want to be doing something. It’s a skill that I want to improve on, and I figure that the only way I will actually get any better at it is if I just just sit down and do it. I also feel like my mind is always full of so many thoughts and ideas, and I think that writing is the perfect way to materialise them.

Read More

So this one kind of feeds in to the last. I think that in order to actually write  better you have to read as much as possible, and not just the things you’re used to but a whole variety of things. I want to pay more attention to the different writing styles and techniques that writers use so that I can get ideas on how to improve my own writing style. Writing aside, I also feel like I waste so much time getting distracted by social media and Netflix that I never make enough time to actually read, and reading is never a waste of time.


I’m sure that this one has been on many people’s resolutions lists, and by now people have either managed to stick with it or give up entirely. As for me, I plan to stick with it. Not just for the external, physical benefits but for overall health and mental clarity. I definitely feel so much more energised after doing some form of exercise as opposed to lazing around all day. I also want to increase my strength. However, I absolutely hate the idea of dragging myself to the gym so I just follow short workout videos at home, that way I have no excuses. Some of my favourite Fitness YouTubers are Blogilates and Joannah Soh. They provide a variety of equipment free workouts to target each body part, lasting as long as half an hour to as little as 5mins (a favourite option of mine) so there’s something that caters to everyone. I’ve also been getting into yoga which is great for days when you don’t feel like working up a sweat but still want to feel like you’ve done something.




Current Favourites


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Throughout the Christmas holidays I decided to work my way through the entire Harry Potter series, and it honestly surprised me how much of it I had forgotten. It triggered so much nostalgia and honestly brought me so much joy. I was literally obsessed with the series as a child, as so many were, and it was great to relive the excitement all over again.


Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Anyone wanting to make any kind of change in their lives should definitely watch this. It will inspire you to declutter and rid yourself of anything unnecessary. It made me realise that if you want long term happiness you have to stop looking for it in the wrong places, and that means consuming less. Buying something in an attempt to fill a void may work temporarily, but once the novelty of it wears off the emptiness reveals itself again, and that’s when the toxic cycle begins. In short, less is more.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Inna and would love to see her live one day. For those unfamiliar, her music is the epitome of summer and her track Heaven is the face of it. If you need something to kick the winter blues away, I can guarantee that this song will do the trick.



I finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child over Christmas and surprisingly loved it. I was a little sceptical at first as it isn’t actually written by J.K. Rowling herself, but I ended up really enjoying it. It pretty much triggered my inner Harry Potter obsession all over again.

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I stumbled upon Confessions of a City Girl in the library and ended up really enjoying. The novel gives insight into what it’s like to be a female in the financial world where the protagonist desperately tries to make it as a trader amongst the ‘city boys’. It may not be the most profound of stories but it’s definitely an addictive read.



I discovered Audrey Leighton on instagram towards the end of last year and quickly became addicted to her blog Frassy. Unlike many other fashion bloggers, she doesn’t just simply share pictures of her glamorous outfits, she accompanies them with her deepest personal thoughts and insights, many of which are highly relatable. She also keenly expresses her love of literature, all whilst rocking some Chanel.



A Trip to Hogwarts

After years of wanting to visit the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studios, and hearing so many things about it from other people, I finally took the plunge and booked my trip. I decided to build myself up for the excitement of the tour by re-watching as many of the films as I could over the Christmas period. I also wanted to remind myself of all the things that had happened so that I could identify everything on the tour, and I’m glad I did. It was honestly mesmerising as to how much detail and work went into the actual sets, costumes and props etc. and I could easily identify which parts of the tour belonged to which film. It definitely made me appreciate and admire all of the talent and hard work that must have gone into making the films; it truly was magical. The only downers to the day were A) the crowds, and B) desperately wishing that Hogwarts was real.

Hogwarts Castle

The Great Hall

Hogwarts Express

Gryffindor Common Room

Privet Drive