Book Haul

Now that it’s autumn I’m really excited to snuggle up indoors with a cup of tea and a good book, so I picked up a few of these bargains over the week.


Already being a huge fan of The Kite Runner, I was really happy to see A Thousand Splendid Suns and And the Mountains Echoed for a great price in a charity shop. The Kite Runner had me hooked, and at times an emotional wreck, with its beautiful characters, shocking twists and important lessons on friendship, family and love. Therefore, I have no doubts that I will feel the same about these books too.

Having read The Power of Now I knew I just had to pick up A New Earth when I saw it on sale. Although I am yet to master the art of mindfulness and being “present” I am always fascinated by the idea of it. I also find that reading books of this nature always make me feel so much more positive afterwards.

As for Bloom, I’d heard so many positive things about it online through other Youtubers and fans on social media. It’s said to be so beautifully written in fact that it’s reduced some people to tears. Anything with a personal, emotional core is sure to be a winner for me.


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